The Turner Contemporary - Building Appraisal Prep

The Turner Contemporary by David Chipperfield Architects is the latest in a series of projects funded by Kent County Council, as part of the Margate Renewal program. Delivered on schedule and within budget, the new gallery aims to promote a dynamic visual arts experience, which is relevant and fulfilling to all. 

I have chosen this project as the focus of my building appraisal module. This takes the form of a 4,000 word report and will anaylse the building in use, its design and construction and client interview, whereby an appraisal will be made of the degree of success of the project.


Positioned on a plinth to protect it from the high winds and sea, the building comprises six identical interlocking north-facing rectangular blocks. Each block is laid out over two floors and has a pitched roof at a 20º angle. The double height entrance hall, ground floor events space and first floor learning studio all utilize north-facing glazing offering views out to sea. This system of ‘framing views’ captures the ever changing light conditions, and allows daylight to penetrate the building plan. A white semi opaque glass facade clads the gallery exterior, resistant to storm damage, wind and saline intrusion.


Posted on: Sep 4, 2011 at 4:31 PM


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